Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ask Spök-spök!

This week we have two Toofhairy related questions and some other ones...

Anonymous and Ev3 asked:
Q: "Is Toofhairy nice?" And "Is Toofhairy a lady?"

A: Yes, to both questions! Toofhairy is a nice lady toof from Scotland.

Greg wants to know:
Q: "Where does spoklina come from?"

A: The whole Spök-spök gang was created in Orebro, Sweden. So, Spökelina is Swedish!

Jimbo-Jimbo asks:
Q: "I saw spokspoks showin LA in 2008, when will he show here again?"

A: We have shows planned in New York and Europe in 2009, but none in CA. There will most likely be a couple of CA shows in 2010, though, so just be patient. :)

Anonymous wants to know:
Q: "is Baron von kon a real baron?"

A: We let Baron von Kon himself answer this, here's his reply: "Grrr... yeah..."

That's all for this week! Keep sending in questions to ask[at]spokspok[dot]com, or just post them here!


Marie Reed said...

Is Toofhairy a good scrabble player?

Marie Reed said...

Will I be able to find Spok-Spok on Twitter soon?

jean hsu said...

hi ming *wave*

i wanted to know if i can get one of those mini toof keychains in a store in NY!?! i want to get matching ones for me and a friend!!!!!!

let me know :o)

jujmo said...

it's performing mitosis..ahh!!!!!!


LEon said...

Spök-spök that is a nicely taken photo. Look so real! What are they reading btw? Look very pictorial. :P