Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ask Spök-spök!

It's time for "Ask Spök-spök"! This time we received a bunch of questions related to Toofhairy, so it's only fair that Toofhairy gets to answer them herself. Toofhairy, the table is yours.

LiLy asked:
Q: What is toofhairys favorite animal?
A: Fish!

Kiki asked:
Q: Is toofhary afraid of cavities? I would be!
A: I sure am!

LEon asked:
Q: What toofhairys uses to keep there teeth clean and healthy?
A: High-tech toothbrushes and miles of floss!

Anita asked:
Q: Who is cuter, pink or white Toofhairy?
A: Both!

That's all for this time! Keep sending your "Ask Spök-spök" questions to ask[at]spokspok[dot]com !


Anonymous said...

Is Toofhairy nice?

Ev3 said...

So Toofhairy is a lady?

Marie Reed said...

I will have to put on my thinking cap! Great idea!

Blog Bee said...

How are you spokspok?

J:mmy said...

I love you toofhairy! You're so cuuuuuuuute!