Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kalles Kaviar!

Spök-spök and Spökelina brought Toofhairy Mini (who will hit the stores in a few weeks!) to IKEA in Brooklyn today.

They got some Kalles Kaviar, which is a Swedish delicacy for the refined palette. It's basically creamed caviar, and they got both the dill version and the cheese version.

Salty, fishy, dilly, and cheesy! Delicious!

Grade: A+!


jean hsu said...

my favorite thing about ikea is the macaroni and cheese...and the $1 icecream cones!!!!!!

Marie Reed said...

Tha's a pretty silly taste in my book! I have an unrefined palette!

Long live the minis!

Marie Reed said...

This blog floats my boat! It is so happy and fun!

Ming said...

You're not unrefined Marie! I don't think it tastes good either!

nina said...

wait. i want more detailed reviews of each individual flavor! review part 2 plz.