Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spok Care

We've been getting a lot of email here at Spök-spök HQ. Some are just giggles and rainbows, a lot are entries for the photo contest, and yet still others contain pressing questions in the Spök-spök world, such as this one.

I actually might have to wash Spok-spok somehow because he's covering it in his drool and snot. Any ideas on how to wash this precious toy?

We recommend spot washing with a cloth dampened in cold water and mild detergent. Unless, your particular Spök is super crusted in drool and/or snot. Then you can give him a bath in cold water. Brrrrrr!


Marie Reed said...

I wash delicate stuff animals in the washing machine inside a pillowcase. It tends to protect the encrusted specimen but leaves them spic and span. Don't forget the fabric softner!

Marie Reed said...

I am checking in on Spok Spok again! He is almost the same color as the water!

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture! Where was it taken?

- Ben