Thursday, May 29, 2008

Morot and customizing!

We just received pictures of the latest Morot version. A few tweaks to the face, a less chubby "head", and a loop for hanging. We're getting there people, soon these babies will go into production!

In other news, we're busy customizing a Plushform for the Shawnimals Plushform release at Rotofugi in late June. It's gonna be an amazing show, with customs by artists like Kozik and Anna Chambers among others.

Here are some more pics of Morot.


Blog Bee said...

Yay! Morot for the world!

paula said...

I thought from the first photo of the face that it was a duck - just like me :-) but the other pictures look more like a root vegetable - which isn't like me :-(
My photo is in the photo gallery of where there is a photo competition that i am hoping to win. Either that or a visit from Diplo Dog