Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cough, cough...

Blah, I'm coughing like a crazy person! I don't know why crazy people cough so much, but I've heard they do, so there. Maybe because of all of the craziness. Anyhooo, I'm coughing alot. I hope it'll stop soon.

I'm glad the shipment is finally arriving tomorrow, a biiig load of the little guys in the pic. I was starting to get worried, alot of orders coming in, and I don't wanna let the stores hanging, that's the worst you can do. Not good business ethics.

Oh, and in a couple of weeks my little fellas will be reviewed on a toy website. now I'll finally know how it feels to be at the receiving end in the reviewing game.

Speaking of reviews, I have to recommend a band called Canadians. They're from Italy, and I just reviewed their debut CD. Very good, with influences from all over the place.

I just came home from a late grocery and rent run (it was due today, eeek!), and on my way home I stopped and got me a slice of pizza. It was sooo yummy!


Blog Bee said...

Now I feel sick too! Grrrrrr....