Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Longest Entry Ever.

This is one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen. The guy's name is Dan Osman, he was a "free-solo" climber (a climber not using any safety gear). Ironically he died at the age of 35, whilst bungee jumping.

I don't have anything new to write about, nothing overly exciting has happened lately. A steady stream of people are e-mailing me asking where they can find Spok-spok in Sweden, which is fun, I only wish they were available in more places in the old country. They're selling well at the few stores that carry them, though, which is fun.

Blah, I wish I had a CD to review, that's always fun. Whenever I'm bored, writing about music cheers me up. But nothing new so far. I have a shitload of CD's due to arrive in the mail, but nothing at home. Well, I do have Dave Clarks "I Love Techno", but the release date is not for another month, and I prefer writing about a release one week before it's due.

Here are some toys I want to satisfy some strange inner craving.

This is Mr TTT Burger from Friends With you. I have FWY's Baby Bumble Grump, and TTT would be a nice addition.

Here's a crazy unpolished version of Devilrobots' "Evirob". this sucker is so limited, though, probably already sold out, which is good, since the price tag reads $160.

Here's a cute little blue thingie from my competitor Shawnimals. I really like Shawnimals, they make all their stuff by hand, and it has a really nice crafty home made feel to it.

Here's the more polished version of Evirob. Amazing, as always with Devilrobots, and not as expensive.

And of course a Cheburashka. This one is plush and big, and no geeky toy list would be complete without one.

I'm gonna watch some FLCL now.


Anonymous said...

How is FLCL? I hate everything. Scratch Scratch.

Blog Bee said...

Why don't you write an new entry? This why is getting boring.