Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day and Fan Art!

It's Valentines Day, and we're happy to share not one, but TWO pieces of fan art with you! The first one is from Kasey, and it's a girl holding a Spök-spök! This is a great drawing, and Happy Valentines Day to you too Kasey.

The second piece is from Brenda, and it features Baron von Kon peeking out from behind a tree! Is the Baron happy because it's Valentines Day, perhaps? Happy Valentines Day to you Brenda.

Thanks for these pieces of fan art, and if you want to send us some fan art or letters, just drop us a line using the contactify link to your right ->


LEon said...

nice fan arts!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have to draw you something!

Anonymous said...

happy valentines to you !!!


kirin said...

I didn't know the character named "spok spok". You seem to have worldwide sales representatives who deal with it, but where is it originally from?

I love the paper with cute mushroom characters. :)

Spök-spök said...

Thank you all!

Kirin: the Spök-spök brand is originally from Sweden.