Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ask Spök-spök!

Time for the weekly Q&A aka Ask Spök-spök!

Terje wants to know:
Q: Is the Spok-spok available in Norway?

A: We're not sure... The Spök-spök line is available in most of Europe, but we have yet to find it in a norwegian store.

The Dutch Purple Rabbit asks:
Q: has spok-spok seen a rabbit in his live?

A: Once, when he traveled through Holland!

VO5 have this weeks final question:
Q: Is traveling fun for toofhairry?

A: Toofhairy loves to travel, so the answer is YES!

Keep on asking! ask[at]spokspok[dot]com is the address, or just post your question here on the blog!


Bartman said...

I love ask spokspok, it's so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Is Spokspok afraid of ghosts?