Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ask Spök-spök!

Time for "Ask Spök-spök!" again!

Marie Reed wants to know:
Q: Is Toofhairy a good scrabble player?

A: Pretty good, even though her spelling is not the best.

Marie also wants to know:
Q: Will I be able to find Spok-Spok on Twitter soon?

A: We already have a Twitter account, but haven't really started using it yet... We will, though.

Jean Hsu asked this question:
Q: i wanted to know if i can get one of those mini toof keychains in a store in NY!?! i want to get matching ones for me and a friend!!!!!!

A: The Toofhairy Mini's are selling like crazy, so they might already be sold out. Your best bet is to check out the designer toy stores in New york. Just ask around, and they can help you get them. Or you can get them online, just look at the store list to your right here ->

Lisa asked:
Q: where can i send a picture I made of spok-spok?

A: Send us an e-mail, and we'll let you know where to send it.

And finally, LEon has a question regarding this picture:

Q:Spök-spök that is a nicely taken photo. Look so real! What are they reading btw? Look very pictorial. :P

A: Thanks! They're reading Dot Dot Dash, a book that we were in, published by Die Gestalten Verlag in Berlin!

That's all for this time! Keep posting questions, or e-mail us at ask[at]spokspok[dot]com!


Terje said...

Is the Spok-spok available inNorway?

Marie Reed said...

Yeah for Spok - Spok! This Q and A session was such a cute idea!

LEon said...

Thx for answering. the book look interesting.

the dutch purple rabbit said...

has spok-spok seen a rabbit in his live?

the dutch purple rabbit aka nijn82