Friday, September 5, 2008

We Love Cake!

This Sunday is going to be a very very special day! On that day Daniel, the creator and master of the Spök-spök universe, has his birthday!


For weeks now we've been researching recipes for the perfect cake. It had to be unpretentious, delicious, easy to make, but above all else, chocolate. After much searching, comparing, changing of minds, and even some arguing, we decided on Kladdkaka.

It is a gooey chocolatey Swedish cake that can be made in one bowl! Everyone was very very excited.

But tragedy strikes! Our beautiful newly renovated space has a beautiful new oven... which doesn't seem to work. And the super can't come until next week! The whole Spök-spök crew is thinking hard about this, but if you have a favorite bakery in NYC please recommend it to us!


Angel said...

Go to The Cake Shop!

scotbrit said...

Looks delicious!

jean hsu said...

Yum!! That cake looks so good! Are you sure you don't have a neighbor that would be willing to lend you their oven?? Especially if it involves a complimentary slice of cake afterwards!??!

i dont think baked goods are the same unless they have a little LOVE in them ^_^

Marie Reed said...

ohhh! save a slice for me!