Thursday, August 7, 2008

A travel tip of the Spok-spok kind!

As you might know, Spok-spok and Spokelina are avid travellers. They've crossed the arctic circle when they went to Lapland, and they've been to the Caribbean when they went to Culebra, one of their favorite places in the whole wide world is however Tiveden. Tiveden is a deep forest in Sweden, where trolls and moose alike roam the moss covered ground.

The reason Spok-spok and Spokelina like Tiveden so much is that one of the lakes, Fagertärn, is covered in red water-lilies. Spok-spok and Spokelina think that is beautiful.


Marie Reed said...

This is such a dreamy scene.I never would have linked red water lilies with Sweden!I feel so informed now:)