Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Spok-spok kind of story!

Spok-spok just received an e-mail from a fan, telling us about how Spok-spok helped learning her baby boy to walk.

I kid you not, my son is OBSESSED with Spok Spok. It's by far his favorite toy. He just lights up when he sees it, grabs it, and snuggles it -- giggling the whole time. And it was Spok Spok that encouraged him to start walking -- I would sit across the room from him holding Spok Spok, and he'd get up on his feet and walk across the room to come get Spok Spok. So thanks to you guys, he learned to walk!

That is so heart warming!

When the Toofhairy minis hit the shelves in a couple of months, kids might actually learn how to fly! ;)


saki said...

that is so sweet. Yay for Spok-spok!!

Marie Reed said...

That is so fab! Spok Spok inspires such joy and dexterity!