Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Prototypes for a brand new plushie!

Prototypes are now in production for a brand new Spok-spok release!

The picture above is a sneak peek of the blue prints for our new plushie, and once the prototypes arrive here at the Spok-spok Head Quarters in a couple of weeks, we will reveal more of this funny little guy.

We're very excited about this new release, it's a character we've been wanting to put into production for a long time. Preliminary street date is early September.

If you liked Toofhairy, you're gonna LOVE this guy! We guarantee it.

(Hint: You might find other pictures of this character here on the blog...)


Bubba said...

I know which character it is! it's gonna be great, can't wait until september!

Anonymous said...

supa dupa!