Monday, January 28, 2008

Sneak Peek!

We're almost set for the show. One painting needs some more work, and a couple more Sleepyheads (Somntrutor) will be sewn, and then we're set and off to LA.

In the picture is a sneak peek of a couple of the Sleepyheads, one is all finished, and the other one needs to get a back piece and some stuffing. The paintings are a close up of Toofhairy's eye, and a Semla (Swedish pastry).

In total there will be 10 paintings, 10 Sleepyheads, and 25 Kusin Gastkram-plushies.

Feel free to crash the opening party, it'll be a blast! Feb 9'th, Silver Lake, LA!


Anonymous said...

Spok-spok is amazing! Can't wait for the show!

Dan said...

Too bad LA is so far away.