Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Flyer and "Ask Spok-spok"!

This is the first version of the flyer for "Somntrutor och Kusiner" which is Spok-spoks first solo-show of 2008. It will be revised a few more times, but it's fun to share the different stages, so here is v.1.

Also, it's time for another good old "Ask Spok-spok", the Q&A held on Spok-spok's myspace, again. If you have a question for Spok-spok (or Spokelina, Toofhairy or Baron von Kon (grrr...)), just send them a myspace message, and they'll answer it within a few days.

Previous "Ask Spok-spok" can also be found on Spok-spok's myspace.