Monday, October 8, 2007

Body Aches.

I'm sick, my body aches, and I'm dizzy. It comes and goes, but at least I don't have a fever. I hate being feverish.

At least I got some work done today. Lots of e-mailing back and forth, stores wanting to stock up on Spoks for the Christmas rush, etc. I also made a first version of a t-shirt for an upcoming secret project. It looks good, but there are way too many colors, so I have to remake it. It's also a tad to busy. Less is, as we all know by now, more.

*I see now that the text and the outline of the heart on the shirt is blue! that's not how it's supposed to be. Does it look blue or yellow on your computer? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

It looks blue. And the clouds have yellow eyes too. Scary.

Dan said...

Not to mention that Spök-spök himself is yellow, that's just not right. Unless of course you're planning a new line of spöks made from high visibility fleece :)

Blog Bee said...

High visibility fleece would be COOL!!!!