Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Sandwich - A Part of Life.

Above is a picture of what I use to create my evening sandwich. Bread, spread, and things in between. I usually have my evening sandwich around 9 pm, it's a nice little tradition, and I have it even if I'm not particularly hungry.

Routines are nice, I don't know what I'd do without them. I could never live a "wild and crazy" life without routines. They're also very important, especially if you freelance and/or run your own company. And even more so if you work a lot from home. You need to get up at 8:30 the latest, have some coffee, and get to work by 9. At noon it's time for lunch and errands, and then it's back home to work until 5:30 pm. Making this into routine is essential, and if you do, a lot of things get done. I've actually noticed that I get more done whilst working from home than from an office. Although, nothing beats going to an office, it's nice to leave the house, even if you do the same kind of work. A Spok-spok office will hopefully be found soon, and it will be a magical place.

Today I watched Sin City, and it was sooo long...


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